Refined Purveyors of Fine Goods

Refined Purveyors of Fine Goods

Seeing Beauty in Everything-Anne Marie of Jolie Films

She is an artist of photography, she is a mother of Aiden and Peyton, and she is a very strong woman who has overcome mountains of discouragement at the hands of people who should have only showed her love and today has successfully landed into a beautiful lush valley of courage, strength and wholeness. Her talent is a gift that we have watched for some time. When our Female Founder and Creative’s project started to come together she was an easy “absolutely!”

We met Anne Marie quite a few years ago when we had a “hair dilemma” that this common place “white momma” couldn’t solve. A few hours with Anne and our girls looked like divas. Born in France and moving to America she has brought some of that artistic expressiveness with her which comes to light in her photography.

Recently we were able to ask Anne some questions and here are her responses. We are hoping you will glean from them courage, strength and the inspiration to pursuit your own passions as a woman no matter your situation.

Q. What is your Creative Passion?

A. My Creative Passion, that’s easy, photography! Photography is something I can easily get lost doing. No worries or stress. When my camera is in my hands, I feel my purpose.

Q. What was a piece of advice that was given to you starting out that you’ve clung too?

A. Starting out I didn’t really have a mentor to guide me so one piece of advice I would give someone who is just starting out in this field is to believe in your art. Photography is a popular field to pursue due to large amounts of beautiful artists out there. Do you and never feel threatened to push your limits.

Q. Where how do you pull inspiration for your creating?

A.Honestly, I get inspired by everything, everyone and everywhere. I have the opportunity to interact with multiple different souls and minds out there. I am here to learn, to explore and to be inspired by all of you.

Q. How have you grown as a businessperson?

A. One of the greatest ways that I have grown as a businesswoman is by exploring new skills and challenging myself with creative shoots. Something that I’ve learned from experiences and my mistakes-is that you learn what works for you and what makes your art stand apart from others.

Q. What lessons have you learned since founding your creation?

A. The main lesson that I have learned is that your biggest supporters are sometimes strangers, and that is perfectly okay.

Q. What values and practices do you hold close in your business/passion, or that differentiates you?

A. When you see my photography, you see who I am. I wanted my business to show my personality, my love for my art in everyday and most importantly create a comfort zone for eace and every one of my clients. I believe everyone is different, and my soul connects with the open mind.

Q. What does 2021 look like for you in a creative venture?

A. 2021 for Joile Films is all about another year of growth, and to ensure every client feels the very best during and after our session.

Q. As a child, what did you dream of being when you grew up?

A. I never was a child who knew what she wanted to be when she grew up, but I did know I wanted to make an impact on others. In a world where where its hard to believe how beautiful you are, I want, even for just an hour- to remind you of your worth.

Q. Where would you go if you could magically live and run a creative business anywhere?

A.There’s no place more magical for me, then where my boys are. So, the place that sparks my creative fire is surrounded by all the love and chaos.

Q. If you were given an 8th day in a week, how would you spend your time?

A. If I was given an 8th day in a week, I would use that day personally devoted to a day of nothing but creativity and perfecting my art.

Q. As a woman what words of encouragement would you share to other woman who are starting out or expanding their creativity?

A. Believe in your art! Photography is a field where your passion needs to shine through to make a lasting impression. I have heard many people say, ‘your camera takes beautiful pictures!” I believe that it is the mind behind the camera that is the reason for the beautiful pictures.

Thank you, Anne, for taking the time to share your inspiration with us. When we read your story of strength and survival we are drawn to courage and focus. Your intent of connecting with most anyone is a push onto bigger dreams and visions for the world we live in. We wish you all of the best of this beautiful life as you continue to pursue your love of photography with Jolie Films and with your boys and Zack. We will be watching and cheering you on.

Please follow Anne Marie on Instagram @joliefilmsvip and keep her in mind for the next special occasion photography needs you have.

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