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FIT For You – With Brittany Boney

Brittany Boney

Since the day we met Brittany, we could feel her love for people radiate off of her contagious smile. Brittany is one of those people you meet that you never forget about, not because she is a boastful, loud person but because she is a kind, humble person. Brittany is certified through National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and has an Associates of Science which both help her to train clients today. In 2016, she began training clients professionally at Snap Fitness. Snap Fitness is open 24/7 in Greenville, Ohio and one of 910 Snap Fitness clubs in the U.S. In this blog post, you will get to hear from Brittany while she tells you all about her career as a personal trainer and her passion behind it.

1. How do you describe your creative passion/work in your own words?

My work involves being creative, thinking on the spot and helping others feel their absolute best. I provide physical and mental guidance for my clients when it comes to their health and fitness. My goal is to help my clients improve in the areas they struggle with most and just enhance the areas they are already great at. I work with each client personally to find a plan that works best for them and their lifestyle, because everyone is so very different. Everyone deserves to feel confident in their own skin and find a balanced plan that works and gets them results without feeling like they can’t enjoy life because of a “diet.”

2. What was a piece of advice given to you when starting out that you’ve clung to?

I have a pretty awesome boss who is so knowledgeable and wise. I take a lot of what he says and apply it to my own work. He always said the best way to build a clientele is through referrals. I really try to focus on the relationship building aspect of my training. I love getting to know my clients beyond the surface level and it builds a really great “trust” between us. Where I can fully get to know them and help them on a deeper level other than just a superficial level. All my clients are true friends and I couldn’t ask for better clients. 

3. Where/how do you pull inspiration for creating?

I pull a lot of inspiration from social media such as Instagram and YouTube. I love watching others and seeing how they train or how they put together workout programs or come up with new exercise ideas. It helps me learn something new, and then I get excited and feel creative coming up with my own ideas. It has truly helped me grow and find my own personal style. 

4. How have you grown as a businessperson?

Oh wow, I feel like I have grown so much since when I first started. I’ve grown so much as a person and have just learned so much over the years. Starting out I just took a step back and really soaked everything in. Watching the other trainers around me and taking as much advice as I could. I tried to learn every second that I could, I just wanted to know more. I’m still learning and growing every single day. I’ve really found my own style of training and figured out what I truly love most. I couldn’t ask for a better job.  

5. What lesson(s) have you learned since founding your creation?

I’ve learned..

a. To not give up. Even when you feel defeated or not good enough. Keep pushing forward. You are here for a reason and you ARE good enough. God has a big plan for you.

b. There’s always room to grow. The growing never stops.

c. There can be more than one opinion and more than one way to do things and that’s absolutely okay.

6. What values or practices do you hold close in your business/ passion, or that differentiates you?

I truly want to help each and every client find their “WHY” behind why they are pursuing fitness and nutrition. I don’t like to focus on just the superficial level of: “I want to look good in a bikini this summer” or “I want to get in shape for my wedding” There is always a deeper meaning behind those goals. Those superficial goals are not a bad thing because they push you into taking that first step but if that’s your only reason why it’s going to be really hard to maintain your progress without a deeper goal to keep you going. I love helping my clients find that deeper meaning and help them make this a complete lifestyle change. I want my clients to take the knowledge from our time together and apply it daily to make it a lifestyle change.

7. What does 2021 look like for your creative venture?

2021 is going to look pretty different for me and I couldn’t be more excited about it. My husband and I are expecting our first baby in October. We are so overjoyed!! It will be an adventure navigating pregnancy, my own health and fitness, training and even postpartum but I’m SO excited for this new journey. I’m also so excited to have a better understanding of what my “mommy” clients have been through and go through. 

8. As a child, what did you dream of being when you grew up?

I actually always wanted to be a teacher when I was younger. Which when I think about that now, I really am a teacher in a way,  a teacher of “health and fitness.”

9. Where would you go if you could magically live and run a creative business anywhere?

This is a fun question!! I would love to live in the Carolinas or maybe even Hawaii. Somewhere with warmer weather year round. I would love to run my own “Womens Only” gym. Where women could come and feel welcomed and not intimidated. We could even offer massages, cupping, dry needling (recovery methods), a sauna/hot tub, health shop etc.. A “one stop shop” for women to focus on their needs while being supported, loved and encouraged. 

10. If you were given an 8th day in a week, how would you spend your time (no work allowed)?

I would do more of what I love doing for myself. Taking it easy, taking a hot shower, turning on relaxing music, making it kind of like a spa day every single week. Where I could also focus on down time and diving into the Bible and spending even more time with God. I try to do this weekly now but sometimes it just feels like the weeks fly by!

11. As a woman, what words of encouragement would you give to other women who are starting out or expanding their creativity? 

I would encourage you to keep pursuing your dreams. Don’t give up. I believe God gave you the passion and dream for a reason. He has big plans for you. So even if you get knocked down or someone says no, that doesn’t mean it’s the could just mean a new door is opening. Keep running after that dream girl. Keep learning and growing and taking all the advice you can. Someday you will look back and say “Wow, look at how far I have come.”

“All progress takes place outside the comfort zone.”

— Michael John Bobak

Brittany offers in-person personal training at Snap Fitness in Greenville, Ohio and Online training. She will be accepting a few more clients this summer if you would like to start your fitness journey with an amazing trainer. I have seen her work with her clients at the gym and been to one of her training session and I can confidently say, she provides a judgement free and enjoyable workout zone while putting you through tough workouts that only better your body. Each workout is unique to each person, so don’t let the fear of not being “strong enough” or “good enough” keep you from starting your fitness journey.

We want to thank you, Brittany, for allowing us to tell our followers just a bit of your beautiful story as a woman in the fitness world and passion for what you do.

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