Refined Purveyors of Fine Goods

Refined Purveyors of Fine Goods

Communicating Through Art With-Abundant Life Co. and Kate Lloyd

What is Abundant Life Co.? Who is Kate Lloyd? Abundant Life Co. is a small business located in Dayton, Ohio that hand-makes earrings from resin and clay, necklaces, rings, hair clips and even home decor. Abundant Life started in 2016 and was “rebirthed” and rebranded in 2019 to the name you will see and hear all about in this blog post. Now, to the question of “who is Kate Lloyd”, Kate is an entrepreneur, mother to a spunky 2 year old named Liam, business woman, dedicated wife to Andrew Lloyd since July of 2017, and owner/maker of Abundant Life. In this article, we will hear from Kate herself about all things having to do with her woman-owned, small business.

The Kate Lloyd.

We first started working with Kate and her business in July of 2020, which was in the newest of Covid-19. We came across her page randomly one day and knew instantly that we wanted to carry her work in our store. We have seen her business grow in amazing ways, despite the current global issues, just in the months we have been working with her. Everyday she has a new idea, fun post on her social media platforms, and creative ways to create unique items. In our store, we carry her resin and clay earrings as well as a few of her resin and clay hair clips. Every time we purchase a new theme of earrings from her, she stuns us at how talented and creative she really is. Kate takes time, care, and patience with all of her pieces and we are so thankful to be working with such a great lady and small business.

When picking women creators to highlight for our Female Founder and Creative’s, we knew instantly that Abundant Life and Kate Lloyd were the perfect match for this project. Excitingly enough, we were able to ask Kate a few questions all relating to her business. We hope that her answer inspire other woman to go after their dreams of being a business owner or creative creator. Enjoy!

Clay Earrings, Rings, and Hair Clips.

1. How do you describe your creative passion/work in your own words?

I honestly cannot remember a time that I wasn’t using art in some form to communicate- I remember painting family pictures with a dog in it (we didn’t have a dog but would eventually get one months later), every school project I would choose to build or physically recreate concepts (even when it truly wasn’t necessary), and I was always painting canvases or making homemade cards for friends and family birthdays. 

God has given me creativity as an incredible outlet in my life. When I’m stressed or overwhelmed, I love stepping into my studio and immersing myself in creating whatever the latest idea is that’s popped into mind.  My work is created in order to help women express themselves in the fullest. We’re all different in beautiful ways and we shouldn’t be trying to fit into a certain mold or style. Abundant Life Co. celebrates uniqueness and encourages ladies to express their bold, beautiful selves!

2.What was a piece of advice given to you when starting out that you’ve clung to?

I always cling to the words of encouragement and support of my customers, especially the ones that have been with me since the beginning. Yes, there may be people out there that hate what I make or dislike me as a person, but there is a group of people out there that truly love and support me and what I’m doing with Abundant Life Co. and those words help me some of the discouraging days of small business ownership.

Kate in Her Studio.

3.Where/how do you pull inspiration for creating?

Mostly, I pull inspiration from life around me. I love drawing inspiration from fashion because my wardrobe is one of the most “obvious” ways that I express myself. I’ve actually started a series of TikToks/Reels where I make earrings based on Pinterest outfits. It’s so much fun and my followers have all seemed to enjoy the little glimpse into my creative process too! 

4.How have you grown as a businessperson?

While I have always been a creative person, I have also always dreaded numbers and math. Becoming a small business owner, I’ve had to really grow in owning up to a budget in the business and crunching all the numbers. Another way I’ve had to grow is by learning when to say no, I have make myself see a project through before I jump right into an idea that pops into my head, or I may have to say no to an amazing opportunity when I can tell God is telling me it’s not the right time or that it’s not the perfect fit. 

But I’ve also grown in recognizing that I do have a gift and I’ve grown my confidence in what I’m doing! It’s such an incredible feeling.

Kate’s Beautiful Necklace Pieces.

5.What lesson(s) have you learned since founding your creation?

I’ve learned that I truly love creating and sharing it with my friends and followers. What I don’t love is getting caught in the competitive/comparison mindset. Whenever I feel myself thinking “but they’re making this…” “but my followers may not like this as much as I do…” I pause. I take a break from social media and just immerse myself in creating what I love and it is truly so refreshing. I’ve also been able to realize when I’m nearing burnout and need to pause. When I first listened to the Lord and took a break from my business, there was a worry in the back of my mind that I was going to completely shatter my business but He proved me wrong and taught me that He will bless my rest. I’ve always come back from a break revitalized, enthusiastic and full of fresh ideas!

Clay Studs and Dangles.

6.What values or practices do you hold close in your business/ passion, or that differentiates you?

This business really is a passion of mine so I don’t want it to ever feel so overwhelming or overworked to the point of no longer enjoying it. God has so often made it clear to me that this is something he wants to add into my life but not take over my life. If that means I don’t “blow up” with followers or sell hundreds of earrings in one day, that’s perfectly fine. I know that I’m keeping my eyes and heart on things above first and foremost and I love being open and honest about that within my business to my followers and clients!

7.What does 2021 look like for your creative venture?

I’m hopeful for more in-person shopping events, whether it be popups or markets. I’m also excited to keep fine tuning my brand and my brand experience. I really want it to fully capture me and my mission! I truly don’t know what this year holds for the world, my community or even my family but I’ll take each day in stride and keep making accessories for as long as I can! 

Earrings (studs & dangles) and Hair Clip.

8.As a child, what did you dream of being when you grew up?

I actually dreamt of becoming a teacher, to follow in my mom’s footsteps, and I’m proud to say that I fulfilled that dream! I taught middle school for a few years before my husband and I welcomed our first child. I loved teaching and do miss it some days but now I get the opportunity to channel the things I loved about teaching into my jobs I currently have- leading Youth Ministry at my church, raising my two year old and running Abundant Life Co.

9.Where would you go if you could magically live and run a creative business anywhere?

Any beach! I lived in Charleston, SC for six months when I was in Graduate School and I loved it. I’d love the opportunity to go to the beach and dream up new ideas for my biz! 

Kate with a Pair of Her Clay Dangle Earrings.

10. If you were given an 8th day in a week, how would you spend your time (no work allowed)?

I would spend it going on adventures with my husband, son and Golden Retriever. (We try to do this once a weekend currently 🙂

Kate, Her Husband Andrew, Son Liam, and The Family Golden Retriever, Moose.

11. As a woman, what words of encouragement would you give to other women who are starting out or expanding their creativity? 

One thing I constantly have to remind myself is that my identity is not found in the success of my business. It’s truly found in Jesus. I may have 50 sales one day and zero the next- that doesn’t change my heart and my mission or my value in this life. 

Resin Earrings.

What does Abundant Life mean? Abundant life refers to “life in its abounding fullness of joy and strength for spirit, soul and body.” Whatever situations, path, or area in life you are in at the moment you are reading this, remember to find your abundant life. Whether it is in the smallest moments of laying your head on the cold pillow at night or the big moments of accepting the new job or maybe the hard moments of loosing someone you love, find your abundant life, joy.

Kate; you are a light in this world, you are an amazing creator, you are a strong mother, wife, friend, and business owner, and you are an astonishing artist. Thank you so much for the opportunity to hear from you all about your business and what drives you. Reading your story has inspired us and we can image many other reading this today. We are so proud of you and cannot wait to see what the future hold for Abundant Life Co. and Kate Lloyd!!

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