Refined Purveyors of Fine Goods

Refined Purveyors of Fine Goods

About Us

Our Story:

We are six…one mom and five daughters. A minuscule shop filled to the brim with refined goods…for the home, for the heart, for the tabletop, for the garden, for the soul, for the eye!

We mostly gather what we find from places afar (travel is a crucial part of our lives and we hope to procure items for your enjoyment) and some a bit nearer. We mix in the homemade, the unique, the unusual. Antiquities of yesterday are most dear to us and we revel in the majesty of architecture, bibliophile, early glass and the whimsical vintages of the past.

On a personal note we believe in love, in laughter, in prayer and in poetry! We write verse and make music, we paint and we create, and most importantly we pursue the act of compassion for all Humanity and strive daily to be a voice for the voiceless as we understand in ourselves the blessing of “place” that we have been dealt.